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It's cheap, quick, fun and easy to use and you will find thousands of girls and guys texting, flirting and chatting from all over the UK!

UK Text Chat is one of the cheapest and busiest text services in the UK. You could be exchanging messages and getting matches from genuine people from all over the country right now. This service is secure and also totally anonymous. So what are you waiting for?

Beautiful girl on the phone

Live 121 Phone Chat Line

Dial 83344 from mobiles Dial 0872 100 5500

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There are hundreds of girls and guys talking now from all over the UK. It's the cheapest and busiest live 121 phone line to be found so get chatting now. It's really simple to use, you can listen to callers online, send messages, have a live 121 or set up a personal mailbox to receive your messages.

All our callers online are genuine and real people!

Adult content is not permitted on this service.

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